School Starts August 23rd. Classes begin at 8:15
Welcome to the new website for Interstate 35!

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SECONDARY PHONE: 641-765-4818

Superintendent's Welcome!


Welcome to Interstate 35 Schools!  We are proud of our rich tradition – and extremely excited about our future.  Please allow me to share a brief history of Interstate 35 Community School District so you can understand a bit of the past before exploring our exciting future.

  • The District was consolidated 50+ years ago between the communities/school districts in New Virginia, St. Charles, and Truro
  • All district facilities are now connected and located in Truro
    • PK-5 elementary
      • Ages 3-5 preschool program
      • K-5 elementary school
    • Grades 6-12 secondary
      • 6-8 middle school
      • 9-12 high school
  • Both I-35 Elementary and I-35 Secondary Schools rated Commendable by the Iowa Department of Education
  • Graduation rate of 98.4%
  • Attendance rate of 95+%
  • Current enrollment of approximately 900 students
  • School district spans 192 square miles in Clarke, Madison, and Warren counties
  • Located approximately 20 miles south of the Des Moines metro area

We are proud of our tradition of excellence but are moving forward aggressively in meeting the changing needs of the 21st Century learner.  In 2015-2016, the District introduced “Interstate 35 Schools – Paving the Road to Greatness.”  Obviously a play on words because of our district’s name – but that is exactly what we’re doing in moving forward in meeting the needs of current and future students at Interstate 35. 

Since 2015-2016, the following plans have been made and are in various stages of implementation.

  • Major increased availability of technology throughout the entire district
  • 1:1 technology initiative for all grade 6-12 students
  • New curriculum review/revision/alignment process based on research and best practice
  • Facility updates and improvements throughout our PK-12 facility
    • Intercom and clock system
    • Keyless entry security system
    • Security camera system
    • LED lighting throughout the district
    • Updating of transportation fleet
  • $15 million phased additions projects
    • New Career and Technical Education (CTE) and maintenance facility (approximately 15,000 square feet with 8,000 shop area to house Industrial Technology and Agriculture academic programs, as well as maintenance)
    • New Fine Arts Center (approximately 13,000 square feet to house K-12 music and secondary art programs)
    • New 600 seat auditorium
    • Air conditioning throughout the district

The CTE/maintenance facility is scheduled to open in January 2018 with the other projects to immediately follow.  Updates and pictures on construction are available elsewhere on our district’s website. The District’s mission statement is:  “The Interstate 35 Community School District exists to develop life-long learners and responsible, productive, successful citizens in an ever changing society.” As a district, we have taken the mission to heart and having it drive our actions and planning.  To that end, the District goals for 2017-2018 are as follows:

  1. Content:  Interstate 35 Community School District believes each and every student is valuable and that literacy is the foundation for all learning.  To such end, the district will provide resources and support to achieve 100% of our students deemed proficient on state assessments in literacy.
  2. Culture:  In order the maximize student learning, research clearly demonstrates the need for a learning environment predicated on trust and respect.  To these ends, Interstate 35 Community School District will continue developing a trusting, respectful environment between staff members, as well as between staff members and students, parents, and district patrons, through a commitment to transparency and clear, focused communication.
  3. Curriculum:  Interstate 35 Community School District is committed to ongoing curriculum development, alignment, and revision in all academic areas.  The focus of the district’s curriculum review process will be to provide a research-based, useful and usable curriculum that prepares students for the existing and future 21st Century.
  4. Instructional:  Interstate 35 Community School District believes in following research and best practice throughout the entire system.  A functional part of this belief is using accurate, current assessment data to drive decisions regarding instruction in the classroom.
  5. Technology:  Technology is ever-evolving and increasingly at the center of virtually all aspects of society.  As such, Interstate 35 Community School District embraces the use of technology as a tool/resource to enhance student learning and will focus resources and professional development to increase the use of technology as relevant pedagogy to improve student learning within classrooms throughout the system.

Interstate 35 Community School District is a great school on the way to becoming even a better school.  If interested in joining the Roadrunner family in some way, please reach out – it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.


Kevin W. Fiene