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Interstate 35 Education Foundation

The Interstate 35 Education Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that raises funds for the enhancement, extension, and enrichment of learning experiences at Interstate 35. The purpose of this foundation is to engage with community members and local businesses who are interested in providing monetary support for resources, materials, and experiences for our students and staff.

Established in 2019, the Interstate 35 Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that works alongside district administrators and leaders to support identified projects and initiatives that will benefit Pre-K through 12th grade students and staff.

Our Mission

Extend and enhance educational opportunities and experiences for Interstate 35 students and staff.

Our Vision

The vision of the Interstate 35 Education Foundation is to support innovative programs and resources which stimulate holistic growth of each student in the Interstate 35 Community School District.  

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The Benefit of Your Foundation

All funds raised by the Interstate 35 Education Foundation will be used to fund special projects, promote service learning, support teachers in designing innovative learning experiences, and provide extra financial resources to enhance educational opportunities.

Make a Donation

Gifts can be made the Foundation in a variety of ways. Community members are encouraged to select a donation option that works best for them:

1.     Donate online via PayPal (link to PayPal page)

2.     Send a check to the Interstate 35 Education Foundation via U.S. Postal Service:

Interstate 35 Community School District

Attn: Education Foundation

405 E. North Street

Truro, Iowa 50257 

*Please include a completed donation form with your mailed in donation.


 3.     Contact a board member

Do you prefer to give your donation in person? Contact any Foundation board member to arrange a time and location for you to make your donation.


1. How is the Foundation different from already-existing fundraising organizations?

Our community is lucky to have so many dedicated parents and community members who give their time to create effective school organizations like Booster Club, Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and more. The Education Foundation focuses on large-scale projects and initiatives that create a broader, long-lasting impact by enhancing classroom spaces, providing more or newer materials and resources, and funding experiential learning opportunities that extend beyond the traditional classroom space.

2. How will my donation be used?

At this time, the Foundation is accepting “grant applications” from Interstate 35 teachers and staff. These applications will outline the monetary need along with the benefit of their program and/or initiative. Examples of projects that could be addressed in the future include: I-35 Greenhouse and Garden enhancements, new ovens for the culinary arts classroom, purchase of instruments to be available for young band members, and others.

3. Can I complete a tax write-off for my donation?

Yes. The Foundation is considered a 501(c)(3) organization – or, a nonprofit. Upon making your donation the Foundation, request a receipt of your gift and one will be provided for your tax purposes.

4. Do I need to make one large donation, or can I break up my donation over multiple months?

The Foundation will accept your donation however you choose to make it available. Donors are able to write a one-time check (or make a one-time online payment), or can give monthly to our organization. Individuals or families who wish to consider the Interstate 35 Education Foundation in their estate planning are encouraged to contact a board member for additional details.

 5. Can I be involved with Foundation without being a board member?

Yes! Community members who wish to help with the planning and execution of fundraising events – without the commitment of a three-year board term – are encouraged to reach out to a board member for more details. The Foundation welcomes all community engagement as we work together to build on our foundation.

Connect with Us

Learn more about the Interstate 35 Education Foundation and its goals by connecting with us on Facebook.

Have a question? Contact us at i-35foundation@roadrunnerpride.org.