“Educational Technology must enhance teaching and create new opportunities for learning.”

Interstate 35 Community School District believes that technology integrated into effective instructional practices will support students and staff to grow as creators, contributors, and empowered connected learners so that each person is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal success. In order to accomplish this, I-35 has committed to a multi-year timeline of issuing a technology device to every student, a project referred to as the Interstate 35 Student Technology Usage Program. All school-owned technology provided to the students is for the advancement and promotion of learning and teaching.

If for any reason, school-owned technology that has been issued to a student is damaged or not working properly, students must bring their device to technology department (room 235) immediately for assessment and repair.  Further usage guidelines can be found in the Interstate 35 Student Technology Usage Agreement.


  •  In preparing for the future, all students need to gain a basic foundation and knowledge of technology.

  • Educational technology must serve all students.

  • Educational technology must be adaptable.

  • Educational technology needs to be used as a problem-solving tool.

  • The school district must provide appropriate funding for educational technology.

  • All patrons of the school district need to be aware of the importance of educational technology.

  • Educational technology must include learning about technology etiquette, ethics, appropriate use, and consequences.

  • Educational technology includes a commitment to teacher training. 

Heather Wells - Technology Director

Heather Wells
Technology Director