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Bringing Health Awareness to Roadrunner Students

    On March 6, I-35 students participated in a Health Awareness Day. Health Awareness Day is a structured time for students to look at all the aspects of their lives that impact their health.  Students in grades 5-12 began the day with a kickoff speaker, Kevin Miller, in the auditorium who discussed why whole health is important and how it impacts each person’s life.  Students then attended 5, 30 minute breakout sessions.  Sessions were divided into age groups (grades 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12) and each session consisted of age appropriate topics. Some examples included stress management, self care, nutrition, yoga, mental health awareness, vaping and substance use/misuse, healthy relationships, mindfulness, and social media health.  Each session was presented by an area professional. 

     Students in the Pk through 4th grades began learning about the ZONEs of Regulation to support all students in identifying, communicating, and regulating their feelings. We also distributed and taught the Calming SPOT in each environment. The Calming SPOT builds the students' coping strategy toolbox and supports students in regulating their emotions. 

     A special thank you to all the guest speakers who made time to share their expertise with our students. The students had a great time and gained some valuable tools about how to keep their minds and bodies healthy.