Dear Parent(s) or Guardian:
Heartland AEA will conduct hearing screenings this school year. In order to mitigate the spread
of Covid-19, general hearing screenings for students in preschool and 1st-5th grades will not be
performed this year as they have in years past. Only students in Kindergarten will receive a
hearing screening.
Students who do not pass this screening will receive a repeat screening and may receive an
individual hearing test by the audiologist at school. Parents will be notified about the results only
if there is a concern. This process does not identify all hearing or ear problems, but rather is part
of the screening program to help identify learners who might have difficulty hearing instruction.
If your child has had hearing or ear problems recently, feel free to send this information to the
school nurse to share with the audiologist.
If you do not want your child to participate in the screening program and follow-up assessments
by the school audiologist, please notify the school. If there are any questions about the hearing
screening program in your school, please contact your school nurse or principal.
If your child is in a grade other than kindergarten and you received a report last year stating that
their hearing would be retested, please know that this screening will not automatically take place
this year due to Covid 19 precautions. However, if you have a specific concern about your
child’s hearing, you may contact the school nurse in writing (either via email or a written note) to
request a screening by the AEA audiologist.