8th grade Breakout

8th graders participated in a breakout box challenge on Wednesday.  A breakout box is a box that has multiple locks and the challenge is to solve the clues to find the combination to unlock the box. They work together to find and solve clues around the room to open each of the locks. The challenge was provided by George Washington to recover his Ideal America.  The quickest section solved the problem in approximately 15 minutes.

Dear Students, 

Warmest greetings to you all!I couldn’t be happier that you are working to recover my Ideal America!

When I resigned the presidency after two terms, I was quite clear about my expectations for the United States, and I feel that our country has gone astray. I still assert that we should avoid foreign entanglements; remain neutral! Additionally, the government must rid of public debt and never look back. I sincerely wish all politicians could leave their political parties and just work to do what is best for the United States. 

Above all, my most fervent wish is that all citizens strive to put God and Country above personal needs. Mark my words, with a deep sense of patriotism in the heart of every American, our country cannot go astray.

Please, do whatever you must to recover my Ideal America!


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