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Recently Mrs. Peacock, 6th grade language arts, and Mrs. Gelner, 5th grade language arts, worked with a group of students creating essays for the Iowa State Association of Counties essay contest. Mrs. Peacock & Mrs. Gelner offered this opportunity on our FLY Fridays as an extension activity for any interested student.  Students had to create an illustrated essay of no more than 500 words. Topics to be covered in the essay included:

·      How do Iowa County officials make the lives of those who live and work in their communities better?

·      What services are most important that Iowa county officials provide? Why?

·      Why is county government important in Iowa?

6th graders are Kenzie Stark, Macy Flaherty, Anna Lee. 5th graders who participated include Beau Dodds, Ella Scott, Alexia Chambers , Elizabeth Longobardi, Morgan Downs, Addison Scrivner, Logan Stiver

 5th grade place winners were Ella Scott (1st) and Beau Dodds (2nd)

6th grade awards winners were Kenzie Stark (1st) and Macy Flaherty (2nd)

Ella’s illustrated essay is one of three essays that were selected as the Top Award Winners! She did an exceptional job of explaining why county officials are so important to Iowans. As a top award winner, she will be receiving a prize package and a certificate. Lastly, Ella’s essay and illustration will be included in the April issue of the monthly member publication, The Iowa County magazine

Beau Dodds essay                                          Ella Scott essay