live museum

Sixth graders were offered an extension project for ELA on FlyFriday’s at the beginning of February. This extension was a Live Museum project.  Students were to research somebody of their choice that had an influence on our culture today.  After three weeks of researching, students created a tri-fold presentation board along with a one minute presentation. On Friday, March 5th, the 6th graders dressed as their person and presented their “live museum” presentations to students in grades 1st-4th  along with multiple staff members! They had a lot of fun and did a great job presenting and staying in character during their presentation!  Students who participated were: Kira Brillon, Hailey Cormeny, Macy Flaherty, Caleb Kollbaum, Elyse Maxwell, Zoey McClanahan, Kenzie Stark, and Danica Tessau.

Links to their presentations can be found below.

Caleb Kollbaum   Claus Von Stauffenberg

Kira Brillion & Zoey McClanahan Bessie Coleman

Danica Tessau & Hailey Comrmeny  Rosa Parks

Macy Flaherty & Elyse Maxwell  Mahatma Gandhi

Kenzie Stark Mae C Jemison