Grow Necklace

Mrs. Megger's 8th grade advisory sent this note and the pictured letter home with pre k& k classes to encourage science thinking and discussion with families. 

Summer is a time of fun and fantasy. We middle school science kids want to
share a bit of wonder with your student. Attached is a mini grow necklace.
Kids, Just add a few drops of water, wear it close to your heart, and watch your
fantasy grow!
The necklace holds some water beads to release water over time (not candy)
and radish or other sprouting seeds. Talk with your children to learn how things
Once the seed looks like the picture, help your child move the plant to a cup
with soil and use the plant to make a fantasy land by adding small toys. An
inverted clear cup or plastic wrap "tent" may help the plant tor a few days. Be careful to not overwater.