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Good morning Secondary Roadrunner Parents,
Attached you will find an informational sheet which is intended to provide information to the public on how the practice of standards based grading will work at Interstate 35. This document has 4 questions and answers provided to provide clarity. These 4 questions are a section from the full FAQ (frequently asked questions) document that will be shared with everyone after the parent meetings. Over the next week or so we will continue to share questions from the FAQ document to provide patrons with information prior to the informational meetings. If you would like to attend any of the three scheduled informational meetings please mark your calendar for June 15, July 13 and Aug. 5 from 6-7pm. We will meet in the Auditorium and will share the same information and have the same schedule for all three meetings. The tentative schedule will begin with a 30 minute informational presentation, followed by an opportunity for questions. 
If anyone has any questions prior to the meeting please reach out to me anytime via email or if you would rather schedule a time to meet we can get a meeting scheduled.  
Take care and talk soon,
Steve  Kaster

Informational Sheet